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Hello everybody

Today I will introduce an old game but very good to play when you have free time

Game description:

Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD a racing simulator for fans of speed, based on the popular movie Fast and furious 5. Play the role of Brian O'Connor who appeared on a reverse side of the law and decided to collect a team of the best racers. You are waited for by the routes passing through the largest cities of the world, the newest models of cars, a multiplayer and other gratefulness! Also, you will get access to tuning to improve the characteristics of your car. During arrivals you are expected by surprises, in the form of blowing-up houses and falling bridges that will cardinally change the habitual route and you should look for ways of detours. In the game there’re some modes of competition (sprint, drift, ring, etc.). Quite good control system. Excellent music. The game differs with tremendous graphics and an excellent gameplay


-Android 2.3+
-Ram 512mb or higher
-Support all chip&gpu
Download now(APK+DATA)
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